January 31, 2010  By Merrilee Severino

“Rarely in life do you get to meet people like Merrilee.  She knows a LOT and presents her knowledge to other in such a positive and insighful way that it really makes it easy to understand the complex issues and solutions that she presents! If I had to sum up my feelings toward Merrilee in one word it would have to be . . . IMPRESSIVE!”  ~ Greg

“I just wanted to say thank you. I just recently began my business, and I didn’t know where to start!! I knew that I needed to advertise and market, but I had never had any experience with marketing before and didn’t know where to begin. Just starting a business, I too did not have much money to work with. With your expertise in this type of business, we got together and came up with a plan that would work for me and my business, a customized plan. With the small fees that you charged and the WONDERFUL service supplied, I felt as though I had robbed you! After three months of my business up and running, I have been able to profit and have a steady income. That says alot about your company, when you hear from lenders that you wont profit the first five years of your business. Even with the market the way it has been going, and how they anticipate how it will do, I continue to provide a revenue. Begining a business, is very scary due to the risks that are involved. You have made it a wonderful experience. Thank you again. And I hope that my referral will bring you great riches too!” ~ JCM Water

Merrilee Severino
Merrilee Severino, CPC, CMM, CPM, NC MS Physician Practice Management and Revenue Consultants, Corp http://www.yourbusinessmedic.com http://www.billing-coding.com/audio/OBS08/ms.cfm 727.408.0225

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